Kat Glidden Pam Ringer Debra Turner Rosie Lara
Kat – Registered Dental Hygienist Has been a dental hygienist for over 22 years and worked in several offices. She brings valuable experience to our practice. She has worked worked with Dr. Armstrong for 4 years. Her hobbies are traveling and spending time with her children. Kat@craigarmstrongdds.com

Pam – Registered Dental Assistant Has been an assistant in our dental practice for many years, working with Dr. Armstrong since he started practicing over 25 years ago. Pam enjoys watching Nascar racing and spending time with her grandchildren. Pam@craigarmstrongdds.com Debra – Office Manager
Manages the front office and handles appointment scheduling and accounting. She brings many years of experience to our practice and has been with Dr. Armstrong for over 9 years. Debra enjoys golf, gardening, sewing and spending time with her family. Debra@craigarmstrongdds.com
Rosie – Administrative Assistant
She has been working in dentistry for 4 years and is serving as our administrative assistant. When not working in dentistry, she enjoys spending time with the special men in her life. Her two boys, Alex and Andy and her husband Pete. Rosie is an avid runner and enjoys salsa dancing, travelling and shopping in her spare time. rosie@craigarmstrongdds.com