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When you visit the office of Craig Armstrong, DDS, be prepared for the best dental experience ever. That’s because we believe dentistry goes well beyond correcting problems and standard checkups. To us, excellent dental care means you leave our office with a smile that feels great and looks amazing.

Your dental health is an important component of your physical well-being as well as your self-confidence and appearance. That’s why we specialize in general dentistry paired with the latest cosmetic services, including teeth whitening, to give you a healthy mouth that will turn heads. Our staff focuses on delivering every service with a personalized, gentle, and compassionate approach – all in our comfortable and modern Houston office.

Would you like to know more about dentistry and our Westchase dental practice? These are a few of the most common questions patients ask us:

Are Dentists Doctors?

Yes – but not the kind of “doctor” many people assume when they hear the word. Dentists undergo a high level of education and clinical training that is rigorous and requires high standards, just like medical doctors. But dentists earn a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree or a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree, which means they are a doctor in oral health.

Dr. Armstrong believes in a high standard of education and professional fellowships. Learn more about his extensive dental background and qualifications.

Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed at the Dentist?

Yes, if your dentist is qualified to perform oral maxillofacial surgery. This is a specialized area of surgery for the teeth, face, mouth, and jaw. Not all dentists have completed the advanced training necessary to provide this level of care. However, Dr. Armstrong is proud to offer this important service to his patients.

Can You Go To the Dentist if You’re Sick?

There’s no single “yes” or “no” answer to this question. In general, we would advise you to reschedule your appointment if:

  • You have the flu, a fever, strep throat, or another illness more serious than “just a cold”
  • You have a moderate to severe cough
  • You cannot sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair for the length of your visit
  • You cannot breathe at all through your nose
  • You have an active cold sore near or on your mouth

Obviously, your comfort is our top priority and these issues may make your visit less enjoyable. In addition, we want to minimize contagious illness exposure to our team and our other patients whenever possible. If you’re not sure, call us at our Houston dental office: our staff is happy to help you.

How Do Dentists Clean Teeth?

Typically, the dental hygienist will perform your teeth cleaning – and a skilled hygienist will truly make your dental visit the best it can be. In general, a cleaning includes removal of plaque and tartar as well as stain removal and polishing with an electric polishing brush. It may include additional services as needed, such as fluoride treatment. A teeth cleaning should NOT hurt. It should be done gently but thoroughly.

Why Don’t Dentists Work Weekends?

Like many jobs, dentistry is rewarding work that requires focus, precision, and skill. For this reason, we like to give our team adequate time to rest and rejuvenate on the weekends and are ready to care for patients again each Monday. So, our normal office hours take place during the week.

However, sometimes an emergency arises. For this reason, we are happy to provide our existing patients with emergency services when needed, even on weekends. Our staff can talk to you about this service during your visit.

Ready to make an appointment? We’re more than ready to welcome you to our office here in beautiful Houston.