Teeth Cleanings and Exam Procedures

They frequently go hand-in-hand, but are two distinct aspects  of your appointment at the dental office.

At a dental exam, your dentist will examine any x-rays, screen for signs of oral cancer, evaluate your gums and bone for periodontal disease, check the surfaces of your teeth for decay, and ensure that any fillings, crowns, or other dental treatment you have is still functional.

Your professional dental cleaning involves the dental hygienist removing tartar, or calculus, which is hardened plaque that has attached to the tooth surface.  Special dental instruments are used to eliminate this build-up.  The hygienist will also remove plaque, which is the sticky, almost invisible film that can form on the teeth. Plaque is composed of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva—an unpleasant mixture that can inflame the gums and trigger the beginning of periodontal disease.  Additionally, your teeth will be polished to a shine, removing any other stains and achieving a clean, white surface.

Exams and cleanings are both crucial to your oral health, and should be scheduled routinely for a healthy, bright smile.